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Haley J Grable



I am Haley Jean Grable, but you can call me Halo. I was born in Holland, Michigan and relocated to Naples, Florida at the age of 12 years with my family. I moved to Tampa, Florida at the age of 18 years and attended the University of South Florida with a focus in Biomedical Sciences. I met my girlfriend whom I have been dating since May of 2015. Together we have always shared a love for the entertainment industry. We decided to reach out to producers to create an all lesbian cast reality show based around us and some of our friend group in Tampa. This show by the name of "Tampa Baes" has reached completion of season 1 with Amazon Prime Video and will be aired on November 5th, 2021. When I am not starring in a reality show I enjoy taking up one of my many hobbies or all if I have the time! I have a huge garden at my home with many flower species, fruit trees and exotic plants. I am always in my garden and planting something new! I also sing and produce my own music, I make edm beats and have started DJ sets. I love to Dance, any and all forms! I love learning and believe knowledge is power. I research every subject you can think of and do it extensively. That is all for now, xoxo



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